SearchLabs Awesome Features

PATTERN / PAN Scanning

  1. Discovers all IPs on the network (active & inactive IPs)
  2. Scans Servers, Laptops, Desktops, Folders, Fileshares and Files
  3. Scans can run immediately or scheduled to run at a later time.
  4. Discovers un-encrypted PANS, unmasked PANS & Patterns wherever stored

IP Discovery

  1. Discovers IPs on the network (active & inactive IPs)
  2. Scans active IPs
  3. Identifies inactive IPs for scanning later

Scan Policies / Profiles

Scan profile captures the characteristics of the scan which includes:
  1. Scan Name
  2. List of IPs attached to the scan
  3. The pattern to be scanned
  4. The Scan Scheduling(to run immediately or later)
  5. Users creates as many scan profiles as they may wish to structure. i.e can be structured by Depts, Units etc

Scan Scheduling

  1. Scan profiles can be scheduled to run at any time
  2. See the scan profile for scheduling requirements

SCAN Reports

  1. Detailed Scan Report
  2. Summary Report
  3. Comparative History Report


  1. Secure deletion
  2. Move or Quarantine records to a secure location

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